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Jan 7, 2013 10:30am PST
-called consultants because sfpuc has this habit to have consultants. we saw this when they tried to put the combustion turbines and seen it again and again and the emphasis is on consultants so sfpuc has to learn in san francisco where we have many advocates and environmentalists that we need to have san franciscans doing the outreach for san francisco, and we will be paying attention to this and once we notice something -- which we have been doing we will write about t now, clean energy has to be discussed in the various facets that clean energy is produced. not only here in the united states but brazil and other areas and to find out really how much does that cost and finally let me say mr. chairman that we do have hydro electricity as part of this and we need to see how that is implemented. thank you very much. >> thank you. i have -- additional cards to name? jessica dur man ackerman and david mccord. >> hi. i am jessica ackerman and conservation staff with the sierra club and i am here to represent the 30,000 members in the bay area. i want to thank the supervisors for talking
Jan 8, 2013 10:00pm PST
-- the property owners. and since that meeting i guess sfpuc has written their recommendations on some of the processes that need to change. and, so, i'm here today because i wanted to make some comments on the recommendations and some clarifications. the one, the big -- the most important one is my -- my -- my feeling that it is very important to understand that when the dates are mentioned in this recommendation and the recommendation is one dated december 11, 2012. i'm not sure if you had abopportunity to read t but as you read t i'd like you to please keep thisv in mind. when they mention dates, that's 15 days, 75 days that notices are sent out, things like that, that does not include the fact that building cycles are actually two months. * and so, in our particular case, when we as property owners received our first notice that anything was wrong in the account, it wasn't 15 days or 75 days after water consumption. it was literally 135 days. when before the notice was even september out, which is almost five months. so, in other words, five months of water usage has actually occur
Jan 1, 2013 10:30pm PST
need to treat it the same way. and along those lines i would reiterate what others said. that the sfpuc should aggressively assert its authorities and rights to oversee the funds and activities. we are hearing that we don't even know if the rod and gun club has enough money to do the clean-up through insurance. when it's the responsibility of that club to do the clean-up. so sfpuc needs to be in charge. so do everything in your power to be in charge. i will reiterate what i said last year, when tim colin and i get up and we agree on something, that's serious business. because we usually don't. this ought to tell you that environmentalists and people who care about the lake are on the same page about this. and to finish on the gun club. we have a lot of pollution in a public park because of the gun club. i sincerely hope we can end that relationship. if the gun club continues to operate out there, it will continue to build up more pollution. even if they use better ammunition and all of that jazz. we are talking about shooting guns in an outdoor area. and also just the fact that we have
Jan 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
board when realized this information was coming forward postponed their decision to the sfpuc and we have to analyze that information and see if it will change the way we market the program before we okay the outreach plan. that is crucial. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is francisco costa and envir -- environmental justice advocacy and many residents in the bay view participated in community choice aggregation and perhaps one person here in the auditorium that knows what i am talking about. michael [inaudible] lynn brown, jerad bloomfield and others. we make trips to sacramento and we do what we could in the bay view. we put solar on all 58 homes and so on and so forth. in the beginning of this discussion i heard something about climate change and then i was paying attention to this conversation and there's a lot of fluff. so much fluff it gives you a headache. now, if you look at a map and some of you have done the outreach, whatever way you did the outreach, if you want to pay attention to the carbon footprint you have to do anything for the people that are i
Jan 29, 2013 3:00am PST
at sfpuc so i wanted to update you on three items, our overall clean timeline, our recent activities at the public utilities commission and activities at the california public utilities commission so with respect to the time line. at this point we're on track. by this date we should have completed presentations at our commission on the presentation by local power on their proposed business case and financial deliverables, and have presented before the commission materials to start to get them familiar with the not to exceed rate proposal which we have been discussing with the board. those activities went forward on tuesday and i will talk about that and we might see slippage with individual elements but even with they am seeing cleanpower sf given to the customers as our published calendar projected the slippage is in part because we're still getting the rate fairness board comfortable with the not to exceed rates with how the mix of resources we rely on for our cleanpower sf program influences the overall all cost of the services and their the rates. with the impact of fully reco
Jan 16, 2013 12:00pm PST
pre-payment and [kphr-ebgs/] agreement, as well as sfpuc tax certificate, very similar to the review when you review our bond approvals for when the sfpuc is an issuer. in this case the issuer would be the wholesale customers not directly the sfpuc. >> and todd, just formality benefit of the public can you quickly distinguish who would be our wholesale customers versus retail? >> our whorl sale customers are primarily san mateo, santa clara and alameda counties. they are 26 agencies that provide water to aapproximately 1.5 million people outside of san francisco. inside of san francisco, are our retail customers and our retail customers will also benefit from this, because they will see lower bills than they would have otherwise seen with the capital repayment. the commission approved this back in december. it provides for rate-payer relief in the flare term, specifically in the next 8-10 years for our retail consumers. a total of $362 million and it is permitted under the con trouting agreement that was signed by city and customers in 2009. this slide is the most important for our
Jan 1, 2013 6:30am PST
if there is one or for the later meet something. >> the sfpuc commission agenda provides for them to discuss and take action, so our understanding is that the commission secretary would call the roll for the sfpuc so that they could vote on this agenda item for lafco it was just a discussion item. >> thank you. commissioner vietor. >> yes and i appreciate all the public comments that have been made and the comments too from this body and all of the work that the puc has done. i have been on the public utilities commission for four years plus and i know this cleanpower sf issue -- i think it's been eight years, nine years in the coming, and when i came on there was really this sort of sense that the puc wasn't stepping up, that the city didn't care that we weren't moving quickly enough and he we are at this opportunity to really move things forward. i think it's really remarkable and i think we all now recognize with hurricane sandy, with the inclement weather and the winter we're having now that climate change and renewable power and local energy provision is paramount and we need to main
Jan 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
and showcasing them in this new building. >> the city for the sfpuc, it was critical that the building stay as a lead building. the easiest thing to do to cut out millions of dollars, let's just go from lead platinum to lead gold. but that wasn't the objective. this needed to be the best example of energy conservation of any office building in the united states. >> we became involved in the san francisco public utilities headquarter project during the time when the project was at a stand still for a number of reasons, largely due to budget issues. and at the time we were asked to consider an alternative design using concrete rather than the scheme that was potentially planned for previous to that, which was a steel frame structure that used hydraulic dampers to control seismic motion. >> so, i met with my team. we worked hard. we came up with a great idea. let's take out the heavy steel structure, let's put in an innovative vertical post tension concrete structure, great idea. we did that. a lot of other things. and we came up with a price of 140 million. so, we achie
Jan 8, 2013 9:30pm PST
you today to protest the sfpuc's possible hvac award to american mechanical based on the compliance and violations against them. the reports that you have that we provided clearly show that american mechanical has neglected to pay workers the correct wages in over time and they also have neglected to use state certified [speaker not understood]. we are requesting that the sfpuc dismiss american mechanical as a contractor on the grounds of being an irresponsible bidder. the nonunion will stand here all day long and they will promise to pay the prevailing rate. they will promise to honor over time rules, and they will promise to use apprentices, local apprentices on public works projects. but as you see, the evidence shows otherwise. local 104 is happy to provide the sfpu crushtion with a list of responsible prevailing sheet metal workers to provide the best trained and highly skilled and localized work force the industry has to offer. [speaker not understood] and consider our request in the name of labor harmony and rights for all construction workers. we look forward to working toge
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 123 (some duplicates have been removed)